Boda-related injuries and death impact thousands of young families across Kenya who rely on the sector as their main source of livelihood.
With bodaboda related accidents on the rise and low insurance penetration in this sector, there is an over-reliance reliance on community contributions.
AiCare is committed to providing simple, value-based, flexible insurance products.
We use a device installed in the bike to collect real-time riding data which is then analysed by our proprietary algorithm uses to price risk reliably.

Bodaboda Insurance

We help the insurer accurately price the risk profile of the rider, avoid loss-making books and get immediate accident notifications for faster, more accurate investigations.
  • Proactive claims management
  • Fast claims process
  • Help rider return to business as soon as possible
  • Rider’s family receives daily pay-outs.

Automated Accident Rescue

In the event of an accident, telematics can help save lives through automatic detection of severe impact and automatically dispatch an ambulance to the exact location of the accident.

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