Data-Driven Solutions for Safe Driving.

Digitizing mobility using telematics & AI/ML

Turning driving data into usable insights for richer, more personalised products that lead to safer, smarter driving.

If you drive less and drive well, save Kes. 10,000 on car insurance.

Digital insurance from 7/- trip. 24hr claims payout.

Monitor how your kids & families are driven from anywhere in the world.

95% of accidents are caused by human error.

That is why we analyze and score the most relevant driving data to predict accidents before they happen and take preemptive action.

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How AiCare telematics technology is reducing accidents and accident-related costs

According to recent statistics, by the end of December 2018, 40% of all work-related fatalities were transportation-related incidents. In fact, for companies with fleets (including but not limited to taxis, delivery vehicles, and limousines), the annual accident rate was 20%. It is critical to find the source of such accidents and fatalities…

Road accidents are killing more people than AIDS in low-income countries.

Motorcycle taxis (Bodabodas) are the most popular form of public transport in Kenya. The number of road traffic accidents peaked at over 243,000 last year with a third of those bodaboda-related. Data shows that 75% of all bodaboda-related accidents have some form of injury with 75% severe/fatal. 

Car Insurance: What I claim, what’s not covered

Car Insurance: What I claim, what’s not covered

You would be forgiven to think that with a comprehensive cover, a motor insurance company would settle virtually any claim you make. The truth is that a comprehensive cover is not a blanket cover for all the things that can happen to your car.

AiCare is revolutionizing claims in motor insurance

AiCare is revolutionizing claims in motor insurance

AiCare is revolutionizing claims in motor insurance.  The auto claims process has long been strenuous, time-consuming, and costly both for insurers and consumers. From the moment an incident occurs,...

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