Life is better with AiCare in your vehicle.

Our Solution

AiCare is committed to providing innovative and personalized insurance products for both cars and motorcycles. We rely on a device to collect real-time driving data which our proprietary algorithm uses to price risk reliably. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse data and predict the probability of an accident based on driving patterns.

We factor in the local road infrastructure and the unique driving patterns in Kenya to create a truly localized risk profile relevant for the region.

Our proprietary solution has won us several awards in the Insuretech and Mobility sector with significant partnerships, including Toyota Tsusho Group, Mobility 54, and Antler.

Bodabodas Telematics

For the last decade, Bodabodas have provided transportation options and job opportunities in East Africa. This sector is however highly underserved by Insurance and yet collisions, injuries, and deaths are on the rise.

We believe telematics will play a role in increasing insurance penetration and financing options to low-income segments.

Join the revolution

Telematics is taking the world by storm. If you are thinking about implementing such a solution, we are great partners to help you learn and navigate the nuances.