For the 10 years motorcycles taxis (bodabodas) have provided transportation and job opportunities to 30M+ in East Africa. This sector is underinsured or uninsured yet collisions, injuries, and deaths are on the rise with 75% of Boda-related accidents severe or fatal.

BodaSecure offers bite-sized insurance, available on mobile from just 5/- per trip or 50/- per day. This fully digital insurance is available on mobile for both riders and pillion passengers, increasing insurance penetration in this low-income segment as experienced in the financial sector in Kenya through mobile money, M-Pesa.

  • Fast claims settlement using mobile money 
  • Incentives for safer rider behaviour, reduced fatalities
  • Post-accident care through automated ambulance dispatch

How it works

We Install an IoT device in the motorcycle and use AI & Machine learning to score the most important riding parameters. This way we can predict and prevent accidents before they happen and incentivize safe riding to reduce road accidents.

Product Features 


Ride Legally

Get cover for damages to a 3rd party property/vehicle or injury to a third-party person.

24hr M-PESA settlement after an accident

Up to Kes. 10,000 to cover the cost of repairs or downtime

Hospital Expenses

Covers hospital expenses up to Kes. 20,000

Death & Disability Benefits

Up to Kes. 100,000

Free Ambulance Rescue

In case of a serious accident we dispatch an ambulance immediately 24/7 Countrywide. (

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