About AiCare

AiCare is an intelligence-driven data science company focused on mobility.

We turn motion data into usable insights that provide more personalized engagements leading to safer, more sustainable mobility experiences.

Our ambitious team is drawn from various parts of the world, bringing a wealth of local and international expertise in risk, tech commercialization, artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive algorithm modeling.

Our dream; to disrupt the future of mobility in Africa by accelerating the adoption of telematics in both vehicles and motorcycles/bodabodas.

Our proprietary solution has won us several awards and helped form significant partnerships with Toyota Tsusho Group, Mobility 54, and Prudential Insurance.

Our Journey

  • Mar 2020

    Joined the Incubator program at Antler and began developing the telematics platform.
  • Nov 2020

    Participated in a podcast series by Kenyan Wallstreet Topic: How Insurers can benefit from P2P & how tech can support and improve its delivery.
  • Feb 2020

    Joined the BIMA Lab Insuretech accelerator run by the Insurance Regulatory Authority in Kenya (IRA).
  • Mar 2021

    Became the 1st Insuretech in Kenya to use telematics for automatic emergency rescue, 1st Insuretech in Kenya to develop an algorithm for motorcycles/bodaboda
  • Apr 2021

    1st Telematics pilot program with a local Insurance Company
  • May 2021

    Technology partner, Toyota Tsusho Group for telematics in Africa for its automotive network.
  • June 2021

    Won an award from Prudential after our participation in Bima Lab.