A safer ride for kids to and from school or after school activities for time-crunched parents who want to monitor how their kids are driven when they’re not in the car.

Use the data from tripbuddy to address risky driving behaviour and encourage safer driving. The knowledge that you are monitoring driving performance will also, often lead to positive changes in driving behaviour.

The smart technology
for safe driving & automatic ambulance rescue.

Every parent knows that a valid driving license is not proof of good driving.

Busy parents who need their kids driven have had to contend with all sorts of tricks to ensure their kid’s safety.


  • Endless calls with drivers
  • Roping in nannies or older children to monitor trips
  • Relying on kids to report bad driving (not a good option)
  • Hiring relatives or drivers recommended by family/friends (doesn’t always work)

What you get…

Is your vehicle well driven?

Tripbuddy promises a safe ride for kids to and from school, to soccer practice, dentist appointments or anywhere else for time-crunched parents

Peace of Mind

Our smart car technology installed in your vehicle is tamper-proof and incorruptible to ensure driving reports are reliable and unbiased.

Accurate, real-time, reliable trip alerts from anywhere in the world. Just turn on your data, and you’re on the trip

24/7 Ambulance Dispatch

We detect severe crashes and automatically alert rescue services with your location information to dispatch an ambulance in case of injuries.

Free Ambulance Rescue

In case of a serious accident we dispatch an ambulance immediately 24/7 Countrywide. (

Add Personal Accident

Want to insure your family for the duration of your trip? No problem…




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