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Our Solution

Our custom-built machine-learning algorithm gives immediate access to powerful driving scoring tools that promote safer driving behavior and help generate reliable underwriting and risk-based pricing decisions.

We factor in the local road infrastructure and the unique driving patterns in Kenya to create a truly localized risk profile relevant for the region.

Our Software-As-A-Service business model lowers the cost of adopting telematics, allowing companies to roll out telematics-based products without a large initial capital outlay.

Driver Scoring

Our dashboard displays five parameters: aggregate data per day, per kilometer, and global score.
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Speeding
  • Fatigue

Accident Reconstruction

Provides real-time crash severity analysis. Software analyses the direction, speed, and magnitude of the accident at the point of a collision while analyzing for potential injury.
  • Crash detection data is sent to our servers from the telematics device.
  • Acceleration data provides the direction in which the accident occurred, the point of collision, the magnitude of impact, the speed at the point of impact, and analyses for potential injury for rescue purposes.
  • We continuously improve and test out machine-learning alarms to make our solution tamper-proof.
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We partner with the best manufacturers to bring you solid and durable hardware. Our devices are available off-the-shelf with 10 Million+ active connections.
  • 2G GSM Communication
  • GPS (accurate to 3m)
  • Unplug detection
  • Crash detection
  • 6-axis acceleration sensor
  • Quick installation
  • Towing detection
  • Fits in Electric Bikes, Motorbikes, Cars and Buses

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