A valid driving license alone does not provide evidence of safe driving or even expertise.

If you use a driver or other third party to transport you and your family, Trip Buddy tells you where your family members are and how they got there, with details on exactly how they were driven including aggressive driving, speeding, and more.

Trip Buddy is your smart in-car technology that analyzes and reports car data in real-time. It is tamper-proof and incorruptible so you know you can trust the data.
The knowledge that you are monitoring driving performance will also lead to positive changes in your driver’s behaviour.

Within a few hours of installing TripBuddy, we give you an accurate assessment of driving behaviour and prevent accidents before they happen.

Get accurate reports on trip times, moving time, and idle time.
Receive instant notifications if a driver is involved in an accident.
Get 24/7 Ambulance Dispatch in the event of a severe accident.
And there’s more, we Reward Safe Driving.

When you join TripBuddy you get 100 SmartMiles to take you further, safer.

Your SmartMiles can be redeemable at participating outlets including fuel stations, auto spare shops, garages and so much more.

Helping address risky driving behaviour and encourage safer driving.
Smarter cars, better drivers, safer roads,